What is a premium domain name?

Premium domain names are the most valuable Internet addresses. As such, they command the highest purchase prices.

They include the following characteristics:

Top Level Quality
Premium domains are always top-level domains (TLDs). The
.com extension is the most trusted and accepted. It is considered the gold standard of Internet addresses.

Marketing Power
Premium domains apply to large markets and provide exceptional potential for brand growth and commercial development. They can be easily associated online with brands, services and/or products.

Uniqueness and Clarity
Premium domains are always distinctive and clear. They include one-of-a-kind terms which strongly describe or suggest a website's content.

Premium names are easy to remember and hard to forget. They usually do not contain numbers or hyphens and are unlikely to be confused with other names. They contain no audial ambiguities, making them easy to understand via radio, phone and word-of-mouth.

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